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Letter Welcome to the McGuinness Family home page.  This web site is dedicated to the descendants of John McGuinness and Margaret Glennon.  John McGuinness was born in Hartstown, County Meath, Ireland, and baptized at nearby Clonmellon, County Westmeath, on 8 August 1809.  Margaret Glennon was born around 1812 in Ireland.  They married around 1835 in the Rochester, Monroe County, New York, area.  John and Margaret had nine known children who survived to adulthood.  The family eventually settled in Dexter, Washtenaw County, Michigan.  John died there on 9 May 1874 and Margaret on 25 March 1906.  They founded a large Irish-American family that now spreads across the United States.

Although I hope to eventually offer information about the McGuinnesses in general, as well as some related Irish-American families, most of the pages found here will be of interest to the descendants of John McGuinness and Margaret Glennon, in-laws, and invited guests.   Also, some of the pages will be password protected and only accessible to their descendants.  Lastly, our events are planned for descendants and not the general public.

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McGuinness Arms

The following arms have been registered with the American College of Arms for the Descendants of John Parnell McGuinness. Just click on the arms to view the registration certificate.

Current Offerings

The following web pages are currently provided at this site:

round Annual McGuinness Family Picnic
round Palmer Letters and the Turner Journal: Key documents for understanding the Palmers and their relatives in Ireland. cnew.gif (1783 bytes)
round Obituaries of family members.  
round Spelling variations for the McGuinness surname.  
round Armorial Bearings of the Descendants of John Parnell McGuinness Our family arms registered with the American College of Heraldry, 20 September 2005.  
round Memories of the John P. and Nellie Bek McGuinness Family, compiled by Louis McGuinness.   
round Aunt Jean's Story of the Fall of France, 1937-1941  We knew that some of the men in the family were in harm's way during World War II, but so too was one of our women.
round Ancestry of Patricia Anne (McGuinness) DuLong  
round McGuinness Family Registry This registry is a genealogical database of McGuinnesses in Ireland and the United States of America. It consists mostly of the descendants of Patrick McGuinness of Hartstown, County Meath, Ireland. His son John McGuinness, was the immigrant to Dexter, Washtenaw County, Michigan, around 1835. [Limited to Descendants, Password Protected]  
round A Royal Lineage: The Generations Between Brian Bóruma, High King of Ireland, and Patricia Anne (McGuinness) DuLong.  
round James McGuinness and His Troubles with the Indians Think you have had a bad day, wait till you read what James had to face.
round The Palmer Family and the Anglo-Irish Ascendancy Through Emma Palmer, the wife of James Hubert McGuinness, we descend from the Palmers and many other Anglo-Irish families.
round Who is the Mother of Thomas Palmer? This paper summarizes our research to date on Thomas Palmer and the mystery of his mother.  
round Palmer Family British Military Careers  John P. DuLong has prepared this special report on the military careers of our Palmer relatives.  He hopes to add a web page on James Palmer and his prison administration career and another one on our ancestors who were Church of Ireland clergy and Trinity College, Dublin, graduates.
round Palmer Confirmation of Arms Many of our Anglo-Irish ancestors had coats-of-arms. This is a transcription of the Ulster King of Arms confirmation of arms to the Palmers.
round Palmer Armorial A display of the coats-of-arms discovered so far in our research on the ancestry of Major James Palmer.  
round The Dutch Connection  Many of the Dexter McGuinnesses also have Dutch ancestry through the marriage of John Parnell McGuinness with Petronella Bek.
round John Patrick DuLong's Irish Ancestors (My husband is proud of his Irish ancestry too.  Here is some information about his grandfather.  He hopes to add more later about the McNellis, Carr, Aubry, and Riel families.)
round McGuinness Family Announcements: Births, Marriages, and Deaths [Limited to Descendants, Password Protected]  
round McGuinness Family Address Book [Limited to Descendants, Password Protected]  

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Planned Features

The following features are planned for this web site and will be added as time permits.

round McGuinness Family Registry of Genealogical Data Showing the Descendants of John McGuinness and Margaret Glennon
round Brief History of the McGuinnesses in Ireland and the United States of America
round McGuinnesses Who Served Their Country
round McGuinness Family Photograph Album
round The O'Toole Family
round Curtis Corner
round Conklin Corner
round Family Member's Accomplishments and News [Password Protected]

Mystery Photograph Game

Every so often I hope to offer you a different photograph in which the challenge will be to identify the person, people, event, or place.  The photographs will always involve the McGuinness family or related families.

Everyone should know it is Uncle Louis, but who is he shaking hands with?

Truman and Louis

Think you know the answer.  Give up and need the answer.  Kind of sure, but you want to double check.  Just click the Celtic lizard for the answer.

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Let me know if you have a photograph you would like me to display for the game.   Ideally, I would like to have photographs of people as children.  Remember, I can only show photographs I own or that you send to me.  If you notice a bias for photographs from David McGuinness's family, then just send me some of yours to balance things out.  Please send me the photographs as a scanned image, jpeg format, on disk or as an email attachment.  Alternatively, you can send me the original photograph, which I will scan and return promptly.  My address is:

Patricia A. DuLong
959 Oxford Road
Berkley, MI 48072-2011

Special Thank You

I would like to thank the late Uncle Henry Curtis for generously donating the money to finance this web site.  Through his kindness we have enough money to fund this web site for several years.

This web site is being maintained by me, Patricia A. (McGuinness) DuLong with the help of my husband, John P. DuLong.  Please let us know if you have any ideas for improving this web site.  Also, please let us know if you notice any mistakes or errors.

Thank you for visiting and please come back again.


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