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Mystery Photograph Answer




Seventh Mystery Photograph:

Truman and Louis

This should be an easy one. It is of course, President Harry S. Truman the thirty-third President of the United States (1945–1953). Uncle Louis met President Truman at a political meeting in Detroit. Both of them are wearing "More than Ever Before" buttons, the meaning of which is now lost to obscurity.

Sixth Mystery Photograph:

Back Home

According to Uncle Louis, this photograph was taken just a few days after Les Seward returned from serving in the Navy, probably around May 1946. He came to Detroit to gather his wife, Jean, and son and left the next day for Illinois. John, David, and Louis had already returned safely from the war. While John had been in the Marines in the Pacific, David and Louis had served in the Army in Europe, Les Seward had served in the Navy, and James had built military airplanes in Kansas. Uncle Louis recalls that this is the last time his siblings and parents were ever photographed together as a group. His father had a professional photographer come over to the house to snap this shot.

The cast of characters are, back row, left to right, John Peter McGuinness holding his son John Patrick McGuinness, Leslie C. Seward II holding his son Leslie C. Seward III, James Hubert McGuinness, Louis Joseph McGuinness, and David Bek McGuinness; front row, Aileen Teresa (Moroney) McGuinness, Jean Margaret (McGuinness) Seward, Petronella Mary "Nellie" (Bek) McGuinness, John Parnell McGuinness, Helen "Nell" Therese McGuinness, and Mary Agnes McGuinness.

Fifth Mystery Photograph:

If you guessed Bishop Eugene McGuinness, then you are correct. His diocese was Tulsa and Oklahoma City. He is related to us through Daniel McGuinness, grandson of Patrick McGuinness, and great-grandson of Patrick McGuinness, our common ancestor, thus he would be the second cousin to John Par nell McGuinness. Daniel had immigrated from Ireland to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, around 1870. Eugene was born on 6 September 1889 at Hellertown, Pennsylvania, and died 27 December 1957 at Oklahoma City. He was consecrated the Bishop of Raleigh, North Carolina, on 21 December 1937 and became the Bishop of Oklahoma City on 1 February 1948.

Fourth Mystery Photograph:

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OK, maybe this one is too easy.  It is David Bek and Pauline Alberta (Curtis) McGuinness and their children.  Now let us name them all, top row, left to right, Thomas Lee, James Palmer, David Lawrence, Katherine Marie, Daniel Bek, Patricia Anne, Richard Dean, Louis Charles Palmer, bottom row, left to right, Kristina Marie, Laura Therese, Pauline Alberta (Curtis), Maureen Jeanne, Susanne Lynn Mary on Pauline's lap, Cynthia Louise, Steven Michael on David's lap, David Bek, and last but not least Brian William.  This photograph was taken in 1971.

Anyone got a clearer image of this photograph?  We would dearly like a better copy to scan into the computer to preserve it.

Third Mystery Photograph:

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If you guessed Louis J. McGuinness, then you were correct.  He was the democratic candidate for State Representative from Detroit in the 12 September 19?? primary.  His qualifications, as listed on the back of this photograph, were:

Age 27 - Native Detroiter.
Veteran World War II - 18 Months
Overseas in Combat Engineers.
Education: Cooley H. S., Wayne U.,
U. of Wisconsin, U. of Michigan.
Two Graduate Degrees, including
M.A. in Government.
Occupation: Teacher - Detroit Public
Schools and Wayne University

Support Gov. Williams

Now for a bonus question.  Did he win or lose?

Second Mystery Photograph:

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If you guessed Mary Agnes McGuinness and Donald Landers, then you are correct.  She is the daughter of John Parnell McGuinness and Petronella Mary Bek.  Now does anyone know when this photograph was taken?

First Mystery Photograph:

sibs.jpg (57897 bytes)

The handsome gentlemen, going left to right, are John Peter, David Bek, Louis Joseph, and James Hubert.  The lovely ladies, going left to right, are Mary Agnes, Jean Margaret, and Helen "Nell" Therese.  They are just some of the great-grandchildren of John McGuinness and Margaret Glennon. 

If you guessed all their first names, then did you know their middle names?  Do you know when and where was this photograph taken?  It was taken in May 1984 at the retirement party for David Bek in Aunt Nell's backyard, Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

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