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Armorial Bearings for the
Descendants of John Parnell McGuinness

To make the text of the registration easier to read we repeat it here:

[Arms of the American College of Heraldry]

The American College of Heraldry
A Registration of the Armorial Bearings
John Parnell McGuinness

[McGuinness Arms]

Be it by these presents known that a petition hath been submitted unto Representatives of the College requesting that Armorial Bearings appertaining unto the aforementioned Armiger be Recognized and Registered. The Executive Director, under the authority of the Board of Governors, duly surveyed the Petition and the Armorial Bearings presented, and deemed all things to be in order and accurately represented.

It is therefore, with pleasure that We Recognize the Arms being rightfully borne and displayed by the Armiger and do enter them in Our Archives and Records under Registration Number 2704, the said Arms being Blazoned to wit:

Vert, a lion crowned with an ancient crown rampant Or, armed and langued Gules; a chief Argent, semée of shamrocks Vert. Above the shield is placed a helmet with a Mantling Vert doubled Argent, and on a Wreath Argent and Vert is set for Crest, a lion's head crowned with an ancient crown erased Or, langued Gules.

The Descendants also Registered to rightfully bear the Arms include: John Peter McGuinness (2705); Mary Agnes Landers, née McGuinness (2706); Jean Margaret Seward, née McGuinness (2707); James Hubert McGuinnes (2708); David Bek McGuinness (2709); Louis Joseph McGuinness (2710); and Therese “Nell” Oliver, née McGuinness (2711), issue of John Parnell McGuinness and Petronella Mary McGuinness, née Bek.

To provide testimony of these proceedings, this Document hath been executed and the Executive Director hath thereunto set his hand and Arms affixed the seal of the College this day before Almighty God and this Society of Armigers.

[Wooten Arms]
David R. Wooten
Executive Director
20 September 2005
[Embossed Seal of the American College of Heraldry]


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